Thursday 19 November 2015

Hot As … you get the idea

We’re in the grip of a heatwave this week.  Today is scheduled for 44 degrees C (111 F), it’s officially described as a ‘catastrophic’ day.  Yep.  School busses have been cancelled, as they do in a ‘catastrophic’ day so I had to run the children in.  That doesn’t bother me but going out to pick the up at three p.m., when it’s going to be at its hottest- THAT bothers me.  I very nearly kept them home, purely for that reason.  And the pool is a lovely shade of green, as the filter isn’t working.  First world problems, I know. 

My house is made of stone and for the most part doesn’t really need air-conditioning, if I’m clever and close the house up before the heat sets in.  So it’s now lovely and dark and cool inside, and I must admit that I may well just have a lazy old day on the couch. 

I’ve not much to show you in the quilting side of things.  I’ve been madly sewing log cabins in an attempt to get them finished.  And I’ve run out of creams so I’ve had to do an emergency order from someplace, so I’m waiting that out.  I did manage to finish another top, that will be ironed today and photographed so I can show you that tomorrow.

I did have a couple of videos to show you, but the internet is not behaving for me today and so I can’t work out how to load them. I shall tinker offline and see what I can do.

So there you have it, an update with absolutely nothing to update!

Keep cool and safe!


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    1. Thankyou! I feel just fine, in my cool house. I feel sorry for the kids at school, however they aren't allowed outside during lunch break on such a hot day. Icipoles all round, I think.

  2. Te comprendo perfectamente. En la ciudad donde vivo (Maracaibo, Venezuela) hace calor todo el año, pero Julio, Agosto y Septiembre son los peores meses con sensación térmica de más de 50 grados. La verdad, no provoca hacer nada en esos días. Me alegra que tu casa sea fresca.