Saturday 31 January 2015

Some blogs I like to read

Have you been enjoying the Grow Your Quilt bloghop?  I sure have.  I've spent hours down the rabbit hole of quilting blogs, finding lots of new people to follow.

Today I thought I'd share some finds that I made, just in case you feel like some eye candy.

A blog I've followed for a while now is Sue Garman's.  You'll find it here:

and the most recent post has the most divine, amazing needleturned quilts that I could only dream of doing.  I'd post some pictures but I'd probably get into trouble so just pop over and have a look for yourself, it's totally worth it. A lot of the first lot of quilts are from Japanese quilters, who I think are some of the world's best quilters, their stuff is amazing!

A foreign blog I follow is:

Now I'm not sure where she is from, it's a blog that needs translation if you want to read what is on there, but honestly - the pictures are enough!  She uses the soft, muted colours that I adore and I wish, I wish I had more time to do the sort of quilting and stitching I see here.

Another blog I follow is:

and her use of colours is right up my alley.

Finally another blog is this one:

which has pages after pages of lovely, gorgeous quilts. I can only dream of making some of them.  There are also lots of tutorials there too.

Do you ever find you've spent all afternoon surfing the quilting blogs and not actually sewing anything yourself?  That's been my day. Though I have cut lots of squares for the My Blue Heaven quilt and it's looking pretty special really.  I'll try and sew some tomorrow and take a photo for you.

That's all for today, hope you have had a quilty one!



  1. It is always a good past time to go blog hopping, many an hour can disappear. It keeps me occupied just following my usual ones, but occasionally come across another one to add to my list that I can keep coming back to. That's how I came to follow you.

  2. Thanks, Jude.

    I'm finding I'm more disciplined now - I'll make a cup of coffee and devote an hour to just blindly going where I end up. Other wise I'll be on the computer or Ipad all day!