Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Show And Tell–Bright Splash Quilt

Part of our role as quilt shop owners was to make new sample quilts as they arrived.  We received this range of fabric – I can still recall the name of it.  Navajo.  It struck me as an odd name, being American Indian but for the life of me I can’t associate that name with this particular range of fabric.  Nothing about this fabric says American Indian to me at all.

But I digress.  As always.

The design came with a freebie pattern printout.  It was long before the days of freebie internet downloads and we had a few leaflets shoved down the side of the box that the fabric came in.  So we stitched it up and this is the final result.


For some reason we decided the quilt wasn’t big enough and we put our own hand died fabric around the outside rather than more of the original fabric.  It doesn’t add to the quilt, in fact after years of hindsight I think it detracts.  Lord knows why we made that decision.  I’d unpick it but then I think it’s too small to do anything with, and adding different fabric would only put me back in the same position as I already am with it.


The actual design is quite pretty and reminds me in the slightest squint your eye way of Swoon, for those who are familiar with that quilt block.  One big block making one big quilt.  Apart from the odd ‘chopped off’ triangle point, we’ve pieced it pretty well, given that it was probably made fifteen years ago.


It sure isn’t ugly (though it is definitely busy) but I can’t help thinking we could have made much better use of those fabrics.


Not to worry.  It’s a very old quilt top that deserves to be quilted and bound and used.  But – as with so many others I have – it will be photographed, labelled and put back into the cupboard.  I will fold it differently this time than last – I’ve read enough on quilt preservation to know to do that.


I haven’t photographed, labelled and stored a quilt top for months now.  Once the children get back onto the school bus I will get back on that band wagon.  It’s a job half done, and I’m tired of half done jobs.


Hope you enjoyed today’s little show and tell. 

Happy Quilting!


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