Thursday 29 January 2015

Ideas For Quilt Challenges

We are currently in the process of organising our bi annual quilt show, and one of the things that we have to decide upon is an idea for our quilt challenge.  I’m sure you know what I mean – a theme or an idea that each member has to design a quilt for, and they are displayed in the show in a particular area.

I got it into my head to make a list of ideas, and I’ve put so much effort into finding things on the internet just now, I thought it might be a great idea to share here.  So – here you are:  I apologise if I’ve nicked an idea from your quilting guild webpage, but I hope in the spirit of quilting it was there to share (as is this page too, of course – I’d be pleased for you to take any ideas you wish from it.  Thanks!)

Ideas for Quilt Guild Challenges

  • Fat Quarter Challenge:

Members are given 4 fat quarters of identical fabric. Size limits are given, and the members have to create a project using the fat quarters. You could add extra fabric also.

  • Improv Quilt Challenge:

Throw patterns out the window! Create a quilt without a plan – using improvisational piecing to create a modern masterpiece.

  • Inspiration Challenge

Choose an image for inspiration. Design a quilt based on the image.

  • Rose of Sharon

Everyone makes their own Rose of Sharon quilt block of a particular size. You could use the same fabric and make quilts of the finished results if you like.

  • The Quilted Phrase

Members are given a phrase e.g. ‘kick the bucket, penny for your thoughts, a real hot potato’ etc. They have to make a wall hanging using the phrase as inspiration.

  • Household Items Mystery

You are given a picture of a mystery household item. You need to make a quilt based on this item – as creatively as you wish.

  • Two Colour Quilt Challenge.

Make a quilt/wall hanging/project using only two colours.

  • Sunbonnet Vacation:

Most appropriately dressed Sun Bonnet Sue doing her "vacation thing’. Sunbonnet Sue's face must be hidden by her Bonnet.

  • "The aMAZEing Quilt Challenge"

Design a quilt/hanging with a maze on it

  • Wrapping Paper Challenge:

Using the design elements of that piece, challenge yourself to make a design based on it – reflecting the colour, the design, the season.

  • Playing with a Full Deck

Participants are challenged to create a quilt that is your representation of a randomly drawn playing card.

  • Theme Challenge - Journey

Participants are challenged to create a quilt that represents their interpretation of "journey" in fabric using any technique or combination of techniques they wish.

  • A Scavenger Hunt

Include as many items from a list of 34 in their project.

  • Fabric Challenge

Participants are given a fat quarter of fabric, selected by another participant. The challenge is to incorporate the fat quarter into a creation.

  • “All Creatures Great and Small”

  •  Quilt Magazine Challenge:

Everyone gets a quilting magazine. Open to page 38 and make a quilt inspired by something on that page.

  • Light

Create a 12″ X 12″ item depicting your own interpretation of Light.

  • Ugly Fabric Quilt:

Make something using a piece of an ugly fabric.

  • Quilt That Tells A Story
  • Hand Died Fabric

Each participant is given six hand died fabrics ranging from light to dark.

  • Birth Stone/Flower

Use colours of your birth month flower and birthstone. Feature the flower somehow.

  • Christmas stocking challenge.

Everyone gets the same basic pattern so they are all the same size but up to you how to make the stocking. Stockings could be donated to a charity afterwards.

  • Christmas Carol

Use a given set of charm squares in whatever you want to create, as long as it depicts a Christmas Carol.

  • Song Title

Make a small piece that represented a song.

  • Door Challenge:

Design a wall hanging featuring a door. Call the challenge "Making a Grand Entrance."

  • Crayon Colours:

Dump a bunch of crayons in a shopping bag and have each member draw out 2 or 3 crayons. Their challenge has to be made with these colours and maybe you can allow them to add one more fabric of their choice.

  • Flag Challenge

Pick a flag from a country of your choice. Use those colours in that quilt, and also feature something that represents that country e.g. UK Flag – Red White Blue – Royalty.

  • Magazine Challenge

Design a project using a page from a non quilting related magazine or book as your inspiration

  • Letters

Use your three initials. One initial is the colour, one is the pattern/block, the third is the quilting motif. EG. Betty Ann Smith would be Blue, Aunt Sukey’s Choice, Stipple

  • Cluedo!!

Each person chooses three cards from a standard "Clue" game. They then have to represent those three 'clues' somehow in their quilt. The people (Professor Plum, Ms. Scarlet etc) could be easy as they can represent the color (but they don't have to), the rooms and weapons will be the tricky part.

The Rope ... could be a rope quilting motif, or a couched thread as an embellishment

Lead Pipe ... something grey, something long and thin

Conservatory ... use floral fabric, applique flowers and vines

Example: Mrs Peacock in the Dining Room with the Revolver could be Peacock feathers forming a Dresden Plate (dining room), quilted in concentric circles (revolver).

So there you have it. A million ideas!  Hope you find some of them helpful!

Till tomorrow,