Friday 9 January 2015

Felt Christmas Ornament No. 2

I’ve made a second ornament.  I’m two for two.  Go me!

This is what I have copied – the link for the instructions is below.


And this is mine:


I didn’t intentionally copy the background colour!  That was actually a nice foresty green in real life.  Funny how the camera washes out the colour.

I haven’t pressed it (which I’m not going to given that it’s acrylic felt) but I will put some heavy books on it to smoosh it down a bit.



I’m trying to improve my blog photography by including some arty farty shots like you see on the good blogs.  I’m not having much luck.  Perhaps it’s the kind of thing that you either have or you haven’t.  I shall persevere though, perhaps it will improve with time and practice.

How have you been spending your day?  Mine is quiet – my children are at a playdate and it’s wet and rainy outside, just the way I like it.  I’ve stitched while I watched some television.  There are worse ways to spend the afternoon.



  1. It's cute ! Thanks for the link. I also want my photography to improve at some point, so I'll be watching and see how you fare. Please share any tips you glean along the way.

  2. :) I will! I'm so bad at photography - or should I say I'm no good at placing stuff so it looks all arty and crisp. Red Brolly has some great tips on her website, have you looked there?