Monday, 11 November 2013

Quilt Show Part Nine

Almost done on our quilt show tour.  These ones are all small, believe it or not.  All still part of the challenge.  I wish I’d done more of mine, though it’s so blah compared to these lovely designs.  I’m such a classic procrastinator, and then I rush things at the end to meet deadlines, and then wonder why I don’t like them. 

But I do love these little quilts.










We have such varied tastes in our group.  It’s quite interesting when you have a quilt show like this one – every one has such different ideas and they all seem to work together at the end. 

Hope you’re enjoying it.  Tomorrow I’ll show you some of my finishes.  I’ve been a very good girl and have been photographing and labelling (yes, every quilt of mine will have a label before my time is up!) the older things, so I’ll be sharing them too as time goes on.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world.  My thoughts are with the typhoon people – my goodness, can you imagine?  I can’t.  Poor souls.

Till tomorrow


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