Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pastel Stars Quilt


Another in my ‘stuff we made whilst in the shop’ posts.

This one was a made up pattern.  We received the beautiful panel with the children on it (and it’s so familiar to me, I must have read a story book in my youth with it), and knew we had to make something up in it. 

At the same time, we received a lovely Nancy Halvorsen range of fabrics that went beautifully with the panel and we (mainly Mum) just made it up as we went along.   I used to love doing that – you’d add a bit with something you fancied, add something else on the side, and just keep going until the quilt was big enough to call finished.

It was a bit of a bugger though when you were asked ‘Do you have a pattern for that?’  And people always wanted a pattern of the shop samples we made.  Sometimes we were clever and wrote things down as we went along.  Mostly we didn’t.

But this little quilt is very sweet, and we had a lovely time making it.


I look at it now and I realise there are lots of obvious flaws in it – nothing we made in the shop was ‘our best work’, sadly.  But there were only so many hours in the day and admittedly, we did rush through things often.  We wanted to get the quilt up on the wall so we could showcase the fabrics, and we cut corners more often than we should have.


But I figure if a little girl received this, and she’d never had a quilt before, she’d probably adore it.












Chopped off points in the sawtooth square.  So be it.

The Nancy Halvorsen fabric was just too, too sweet.  I’ve a big bag of scraps left for ‘one day’.  There’s a lot of bags left for ‘one day’.  I hope I live to be 110.

Till tomorrow,


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