Wednesday 13 November 2013

Flimsy–another UFO bites the dust

I finished this UFO ages and ages ago, but didn’t have the space to photograph it.  Or at least I thought.  I bought some bull dog clips and nailed them into my design wall and made a perfect photography backdrop!

Some of you may remember me working on this in previous posts.  I made two quilts with string blocks, and whilst I managed to use up a large amount of scraps, I was well and truly bored brainless with the concept by the end of them.

I then began one of Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilts and lo and behold, there was a truckload of string blocks in that too!

I may well live my whole life with never making another string quilt again.  I am officially over them.










I am thrilled to pieces with this quilt, and included that final photo of the red fish to show you that everything can be included in a scrap quilt, even flying red fish fabric.  Just like Bonnie says, you just have to cut it smaller to make it work.

I hope you’re quilting up a storm out there,


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