Monday, 10 September 2012

Starting something new….

I don’t have any work on the go (cough cough) so when Barbara Brackman announced her new block of the week, I just had to do it.

Never mind that I’ve barely got a start on the last one she did. 

It’s been going two weeks and I’ve got both blocks made already!

Grandmother's Choice

Block one – Grandmother’s Choice.  I had to unpick the seams a little bit to get the points lining up properly but I think it came together quite well.  One block down.


Naughty Barbara.  Throwing in a Y seam on our second only block.  Normally I would run like the wind from anything too fandangled like Y seams, but I’ve only just started this quilt, so I can’t give up yet.  I only had to unpick one or two seams, and the points go together pretty darn good, and what’s more – IT MEASURES CORRECTLY!

Yay me.  I’m two for two.

I’ve decided to do my colour scheme in red and green, just for something different.

It promises to be good fun.  I’ll definitely keep up with this one.  Fingers crossed.

Till tomorrow,


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