Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday Show And Tell

Hi there!  I’ve photographed a couple more quilts so I thought I’d share.


This one isn’t mine, but my mum’s.  I seem to have acquired a lot of her stuff over the years.

A hundred years ago, our quilting group held a challenge for our annual Rose Week.  Each year, our small town holds a Rose Week celebration, as our town holds the southern hemisphere’s largest private rose garden (apparently, I just know there are lots of roses here in October).  I’ve long forgotten what the challenge was titled, or the rules except to say that I think it must have been floral based.  I do remember the winner – just stunning and if I can find a photo I’ll scan it. 

I’m just a beginner at needleturn.  I really want to be good at it, though I guess like all things it’s practice makes perfect. 

Today is the final day of school which means for the next two weeks I get the added thrill of my children’s company each day.  It’s amazing how used to being alone one gets.  I fully expect routines, such as they are, to be thrown out the window very quickly.

Till tomorrow,


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