Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Oh Hi There

Remember me?

So I got sick.  Big yuchhy fluey sick.  It’s been two weeks and I’m really not feeling all that brilliant still, but I need to do a post so that you guys know I’m still around!

Obviously, haven’t been sewing.  I did manage to bind a couple of small lap quilts while sitting on the couch, in between naps. 

But in the absence of anything new to show you, I dug up some old stuff.  Hope you like them.





I’m currently transferring my backup photos from Picasa to Flickr, and I found these in the 2005 file.  I just adore the heart/triangle quilt, and want to do one just like it.  Whether I do or not I don’t know.  Too many other things on my plate.

We’d taken our shop to a quilt show, and before the show started I wandered around, taking photos of things I liked.  Back in those days, there were so many more dolls and bears.  I used to do the whole doll/bear thing.  But at some point, one can have TOO many bears and dolls cluttering up the house.  So I haven’t made a doll for years now. 

But these two little ones are pretty cute.  Don’t you think?

Picasa was brought by Google and then was turned into Google Plus.  I have an intense dislike of Google Plus – and after years of being with Picasa and having a long and fruitful relationship, I’ve broken up with it.  I get so cross with Google.  They fix stuff constantly that just ISN’T BROKEN!

So now, I’m in the process of transferring all 20294737575 files I have with them onto Flickr and I’m coming across lots of old gems.  So maybe I’ll share some with you in the next few days.

But until then,

See you soon!



  1. I do remember you...grin. Sure hope you feel better soon. I really enjoyed looking at your eye the quilt and the bears.

  2. Thanks, Billie!

    I'll be fine. Feeling much more human today!