Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Tentmakers

As you know, I’ve recently acquired a love of the Tentmakers of Cairo. 

I came across an excellent website from a fellow quilter, and she’s got some DELICIOUS photos of more quilts/wallhangings.  Please go and have a look.

You might need to scroll back to find all her posts.

As for me?  I had an all day quilting day today with my quilting group.  The pool arrived with great fanfare on the back of a very big truck.  Both my kids are sick and my husband is getting the ‘man flu’, so I can feel a pretty hectic week this week.  But I’ve been finishing things, so I’ll take some photos and post them in the next few days.

Hope you all had a nice weekend – till tomorrow,



  1. Dear SG,
    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog and post about the Cairo Tentmakers in your blog. Of course I went back to your post about the Tentmakers and drooled over the examples that you showed. Exquisite!
    I also enjoyed visiting your blog.
    best from Tunisia,

  2. Oh my pleasure! I spent far too long looking through your blog too :)


  3. Hey Suzie.
    I just found your posts about the Tentmakers of Cairo. I am presently working on a documentary about them and if you or anyone else is interested in more information about them visit our Facebook Page, there will soon be a website, but for now