Thursday, 23 August 2012

Some stitching to show you

I went to an all day quilting day on Sunday (which was bliss) and got a LOT done.

I quilted this:

blog ten

And managed to get it bound.  So all I have to do is finish it and hang it on DD2’s wall, and that’s one more UFO off my books.

I also bound this one, and did all the eyes and bows:

blog eleven

This UFO was a particularly old one.  I started it in the shop, and we’ve been gone from that for nearly five years.  Slowly but surely, they are getting crossed off my list.

And yesterday, because I had a spare few minutes, I actually DID A DEAR JANE!  Don’t fall over in shock.

Blog nine

I’m quite pleased with my applique on this one.  It’s all needle-turned, and my points actually worked pretty well!

So all in all, a productive weekend for me.  Makes a change!

Till tomorrow,


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