Wednesday, 8 August 2012

2007 Nancy Halvorsen Calendar

2007 Nancy Halvorsen Calendar

In the absence of anything noteworthy to show you, and in my continuing plan to photograph all the stuff in my quilt cupboard, I present a quilted Nancy Halvorsen calendar.

This one has an enormous emotional attachment for me.  It used to hang on the wall in my old house, way back in 2007. 

I have two children and both times the act of getting pregnant was very difficult.  When we finally were pregnant, I was determined to document Every. Noteworthy. Thing about it.

Each Monday morning, I would stand in front of this calendar, and my husband would take a photo of my growing baby belly.  In this case, it was for our second daughter.

I won’t show you those photos.  I suspect they are only beautiful to our little family.

But when I look back on those photos, I can see this quilt hanging behind me.  So now, even though it’s years old, and of no use to me as a calendar, I still can’t part with it. 

I am such an old softie.  Which is why my house is heaving at the sides of stuff other people would probably consider junk. 

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