Saturday, 4 August 2012

My Winter Garden Part Three

This is our apricot tree. It’s starting to bud really well, and he who must be obeyed has told me that I must thin the fruit (knock every second one off) before they grown too big. Or else they will fall off before they are ready.

Last year the ants and the birds got lots of them. This year I will get mean with both.


Another shot of the apricot tree. I’m intensely proud of my fruit trees. When it’s summer I’ll show you all their fruit.


We are doing a little remodelling of our back yard, and had to move the strawberry plants up to the back corner. This is the mound of them. The soil here is so fabulous, it’s not been used for anything in a long time and it just grows everything so well. Now I need to plant them all (in my spare time, you understand). When the strawberries are producing, we get all we can eat and more. More than once we have had strawberries for dinner in the summer months.


I had a whole field of these violas. They all got ripped up to make way for the redevelopment. Yet they still come up and poke their smiley little faces everywhere. My husband threatens to spray them. I won’t let him.


A bulb of some description. The landscaper planted about 303575 of these in our back yard. My girls love them and pick them all the time.



These little guys are only about three inches tall. Haven’t the foggiest what they are but they are EVERYWHERE.


The very lovely-named Pig Face. My father in law planted them. Not a favourite of mine but every so often they come up with a mess of lovely flowers, either pink or purple or somewhere in between. The little black speck in the centre of the flower is an ant.

It’s another native. When we chopped it back, we found so many frogs hiding underneath it. I’m nowhere near water, that really surprised (and delighted) me.


I think this little beauty is my favourite. Each one of these flowers is about .25” long. The tiniest little flowers. It reminds me of Christmas for some reason. Looks a little like holly. Such a lovely, rich red.

So there you have it. My winter garden. Did you enjoy it? Come and visit again soon!

Till tomorrow,


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  1. The garden is beautiful! The plants with the strange leaves and purple or pink flowers (pic above the last one) are ice plants and are ground cover. They are one of the few that grow well in our desert climate. It will take over but it is beauriful!