Sunday, 1 April 2012

Quilts I Don’t Like Sewing, or how I spent my Sunday


I’ve always been a follower of Bonnie Hunter’s scrap quilts. Love, love, love her work.    I’ve done her last mystery quilt, it was challenging but it got finished and so when she published her newest one, Orca Bay, I was there with bells on.

Mystery quilts are excellent for pushing me out of my comfort zone.  I avoid lots of styles of quilting, most importantly bias triangles.  I can never get them right, and rather than practice, practice, practice I tend to stick my head in the sand and choose another quilt to do.

But when you do a mystery quilt, you don’t know what’s coming.  Bonnie’s quilts are filled with bias triangles.

With the greatest of respect to Bonnie, man oh man, I have to tell you, I do NOT enjoy sewing this quilt.  

I’ve stitched, unpicked.  Stitched, unpicked.  Put it away, started it again.  Stitched, unpicked.

I’m at the point now where I just want the thing done and off my workbench.  So I plugged along most of today with it.





Some of the seams are stitched, and some are just laid in position so I can see what it looks like.  And I know it’ll look lovely when it’s quilted. 

Just don’t look too closely at the joins of my triangles.

Till tomorrow



  1. It´s coming out great. Don´t suffer. Just do it.

  2. It is turning out wonderfully. I agree with you about working with triangle, not one of my favorites either. But that being said, practice does make it easier and after about my 10th, I really started to enjoy them. Okay, maybe not my 10th but at least 4. Keep up the good work!