Thursday 19 April 2012

A little show and tell

Remember the other day how I said I’d forgotten how to thread my machine and now it’s working?  Well it isn’t.  And I’m beginning to think that there’s a broken off thingamie inside the thread guide whatchamacallit and it’s not me after all.

So, what little sewing I have been doing has been interspersed with wonderfully colourful language.  My Pfaff has always been an adored addition to my family – it’s never given me a minute’s trouble but now – well, I guess you could call it my problem child.  And yes, I must admit that I have been browsing Pfaff websites for a newer addition with less attitude problems. 

In lieu of something I’ve sewn today, I thought I’d show you a little bit of what’s on my wall right now.


From a design called “Beyond The Garden Gate” by an Australian designer, Candlelight Creations.  I believe the pattern is still out there, though I’m not sure if she’s designing new things anymore.


My very clever mother stitched these.  I can do most stitches but I’m just not able to do anything like bullion stitches or satin stitch.


Lovely and blurry.  I had to take these photos perched on a kitchen chair, leaning at quite the wrong angle.


This lady does lots of lovely florally designs.  All covered with flowers. 


I’ve got a candlestick just like this one.  It only gets used during power outages.  That’s a shame really.  And we never use table cloths.  Certainly not the embroidered ones!


She’s forgotten to cross her tee’s here.  Every time I look at it, I think she’s stitched ‘Senility’.  I have to look twice.  Senility sure would fit in this house.


The centre piece of the design.  We don’t have a garden gate.  At least, not a pretty cottagey one like this.  Ours is purely to keep the dog in. 


I’m not sure what these things are.  Maybe an outdoorsy type of pot plant stand?  I live in a wine growing region and every household has a half a wine barrel cut in half used as a pot plant holder.  That looks like this one.


All I can think of when I see this one is the old water pump that used to be at my dad’s work shed.  We used to play with it when we went visiting him.  It looked nothing like this one but that did not diminish the appeal.


A nice one to finish with.  You are all very welcome here at my little blog. 

I haven’t done any stitcheries for months now.  I seem to spend all my time trying to work out how to get my stupid machine to work.   Maybe it’s the universe’s way of telling me to sit and stitch, instead of sitting and bitching.

Till tomorrow,



  1. Love your blocks,are gorgeous and also your quilt.Happy quilting!

  2. The embroidery design blocks are so pretty and well done.
    I broke off the thingamajig on my needle threader once. It was an easy replacement. I thought I had done it on my current machine just recently. I was struggling to get the needle threaded. Then when I forgot about the problem, all of a sudden the needle threaded as easy as can be. And it has worked ever since. I think I did not have the needle correctly inserted.

  3. Oh we do some silly things, don't we? Thanks for your comment.

    I've got the tension cranked up tightly and so far its working. But it shouldn't need to be so tight, so I think it needs another look by the doctor.

    Thanks again,

  4. Está divino, hay forma de que me regales la dirección, para encontrarlo?