Wednesday 4 April 2012

Another flimsy done!


Blue Mystery Quilt

I put Orca Bay aside for a day, and finished one of my flimsies.  It’s amazing just how little I need to do on so many of my UFO’s.  What makes me put them away when I just have such a little to do on them?  Who knows.

This was a mystery quilt run by one of the ladies at our local quilting group.  It’s not exactly how she finished hers, but this is about sixty inches square and I think it’s a really nice size for a nice lap quilt for an oldie.  I might get it quilted and donate it. 

I’ve seen a few versions of these throughout our group and I must say, I do like mine.

The good news is that this is part of my UFO challenge.  So the grand total there is:

1. The Blue Cream Scrap Quilt – Done and dusted.

2.  Mystery Quilt – Done and dusted.

3.  Amish Quilt – Done and dusted.

4.  Crocheted Blanket – Done and dusted

5.  Framed Stitched Pictures – Not done.

6.  Orca Bay –  Not done.

7.  Heart/ Flying Geese Quilt – Not done.

8.  Master Bedroom Quilt – Not done.

9.  Hand Embroidered Quilt – Not done.

10. Hand Embroidered Quilt – Not done.

11. Blue String Quilt – Not done.

12. Joseph’s Coat – Not done.

So, before April has really started, I’ve done four projects from my list.  Some of the remaining ones really only have a day or two of work to do on them.  Some of them have a truckload of stuff to go. 

But I think I’ll have done my twelve easily by the end of June.  So maybe, I’ll be able to pick another twelve!  How cool would that be?

The sad thing is that it isn’t even a drop in the ocean of what still remains to be done from the Master List of UFO’s, but that’s not thinking very positively, is it?  And no, I’ll never tell just how many are on that list.  No way no how.

Anyway.  Must choof off and get the rug rats their dinner.  It’s the end of the school term and everyone is feeling very tired and emotional at present.  The sooner everyone is in bed tonight, the better.



  1. Hi,
    What a beautiful quilt!!
    Have got a PAP about that, please??
    Marlene from Brasil

  2. This is really cute! Glad I am not the only one with UFO issues:)

  3. I love this setting! what a sweet and unique way to set these classic units.