Friday 27 January 2012




I’ve been tinkering, in more ways than one.

I write most of my posts on my lovely laptop.  It’s easier to sit here and watch the world go by than it is to fire up the old antique desktop that I have.  I did a backup of everything today, in an attempt To Get Organised (snort) and found all these programmes on here I have never used, this blogging programme included.

I’m writing this with live writer, after first editing my digital photos with the windows thingamee, and so far it seems rather more easier than the blogger page.  The photo uploading of blogger drives me batty.  So let’s hope that this is rather more user friendly.

Onto much more important things – what I’ve been working on.  Our quilting group shares our space with the local woodworking group, who are very good to us and do all the ‘blokey’ things that we need doing.  Our president, who is a Very Good Quilter asked some of us to make some blocks for a raffle quilt for them.  The block was ‘Carpenter’s Wheel’,  of course.

Because our president is a Very Good Quilter, and rightly so expects our raffle quilts to be of the best we can do, I can tell you I made and remade that block all yesterday afternoon.  And I realised that I haven’t unpicked a block for so long, and that’s not a good thing.  I think I need to start unpicking my work a little more instead of just settling for ‘that’ll do’.

Only then will I be the kind of quilter I truly aspire to be.  I think over the years, with children and work and home life and all of the busy-ness that entails, I got quicker, but not better.  I put up with a ‘it’ll do’ attitude and I really am aiming for 2012 to be the year that I rid myself of that habit, and start to really try harder in my quilting.  So that all of my quilts are ones I would be happy to display, rather than folding up and sticking in the cupboard.   Least that’s my plan for now.

Till tomorrow,



  1. Your block is lovely! Well worth the effort. Great color choices.

    I haven't found the right balance in quilting yet - if I'm too critical, it's not fun. Sometimes it's a juggling act between the desire to finish something in a timely manner, the desire to have professional results and just plain having fun. I'm afraid fun wins out more often than not!

  2. Thank for your blog. I'm in the same place as you are. I always settled and didn't do a lot of unsewing. Now I'm trying to take my time and not settle. It's been a little frustrating, but the results are better and I am learning. Right now I'm working on a hunters star that is being difficult but I refuse to give up. I'm working on the borders. I changed my mind about a dozen times.

    I'm going to try you mystery quilt. As soon as I do I'll post to that portion of your blog. Thanks again.