Sunday 8 January 2012

Sunday Update

I seem to do a lot of updating posts on Sunday afternoons.  I should be doing housework, the house is going under with all the amount of work that I have to do, so in my best traditions I'm ignoring it and hoping it all all go away.  It hasn't, sadly.  School holidays and housework and two little people do not go well together.

You may remember me mentioning my darling Pfaff went to the doctor because the spindley thingie was not connecting with the shuttle thingie and he sent it back and proudly pronounced it FIXED.  Hah.  Not in this house, things are not that easy.  It is NOT fixed, it is TWICE as bad as it ever was and I think it's just being miserable out of spite.  It's gone back to the doctor again. 

So until I can beg or borrow another machine, I'm back to doing handwork.  Which is no biggie really because, my lordy do I have some handwork in the box of UFO's.  My handwork of choice at the moment is my Josephs' Coat quilt.

Now, I gotta tell you when I signed up for the Joseph's Coat Quiltalong, I was kinda expecting the original blogger to actually finish hers, not leave me hanging mid way and actually having to work it out for myself.  So I haven't a clue how many of these arcs I need to do.  My brain tried to work it out and then it just went fizzzzzle and sparks came out and I gave up.  It seems other people also have had some trouble, because I couldn't find anywhere that actually mentioned how many of these you need, except for one website.  I found a lovely blog here who mentions that we need 637 of the arcs.  I only had 538 so now I have cut more of the little lovelies.  I'm taking her word for it.

When I cut my original ones, I had wayyy to many pink ones and little else left over, so I've taken the opportunity to cut into the holy stash of thirties prints.

Man oh man, do I love that box.  It's getting empty.  I need more.

So now, I have lots more different colours to add to my work box.  The quilt is 49 blocks big, plus extras on the side.  I figure this is week one of fifty two weeks, so if I aim right, I can do a block a week and get it done by Christmas time.  Hopefully it'll work out better and I'll get into it quicker.  And to add to my craziness, this is a quilt that screams out for handquilting.  I do love a bit of handquilting, but realistically, when do I get time to sit and do it? 

Each of the 49 main blocks needs 12 arcs, and so I've sorted them into groups, all bagged up and ready for me to work on when I have a spare minute.

So, that's it.  Now I just have to put the proverbial head down and bum up and as Dory says, just keep swimming!  And hopefully by this time next year, I'll have a fabulous quilt finished.

I'm not sure what the ettiquette of posting other people's quilts in your blog is, so I'll not do that.  But if you do a search on the images section of Google, using "Joseph's Coat Quilt Along" you'll come up with lots of wonderful pictures if this takes your fancy.

And hopefully mine soon will look a lot more like theirs.

Till tomorrow,



  1. I have always wanted to do a quilt like this but haven't yet, love yours!

  2. I believe that, as far as posting other people's quilts on your blog, you can do one of two things:

    1. Contact the person and obtain permission to post it, or

    2. Simply post a link to their blog, post, or original image so people can go look. That leaves all credit to the original quilter but allows you to reference it. =)