Friday, 20 January 2012

Orca Bay

My MIL has taken the two children out for the morning.  For the first time in nearly six weeks, I am completely alone.  In an empty house!  It's bliss.  Sheer Bliss.

I've had no time to sew but I did manage to throw this together:

I've done one whole block of my Orca Bay.    Don't look closely at the corners. 

I've decided to go with Bonnie's colours.  I've also decided to never make another string block in my life, and the red string sections in the quilt will be replaced by everyday old fabric for mine.  I'm just not up to doing any more strings.

Sorry Bonnie.

Hopefully today I'll be able to get a little bit of sewing in.  We shall see.

Happy Stitching!



  1. Those strings take a lONG time! I TOTALLY understand you not wanting to do strings. . . Strings are very pretty when you're up-close and personal with them. . but from far away. . i pretty print would work nicely too. . I think you made a good choice. . after all it's YOUr quilt! Even bonnie says that!

  2. It is your quilt and I am sure that Bonnie wont mind - you have to enjoy the process!

  3. Thank you...this quilt is the fourth string one I've done so it's not like I haven't given it a red hot go...I'm Loving the cute little stars though!!