Saturday 9 May 2020

129 Spent my day sewing!

As the title suggests I managed to stitch a little today.

Not too much, mind you.  The majority of the day was spent sorting fabric into little piles.  I'd had this brilliant idea that I would not have duplicates of purples in this block:

but I also needed to have the same blacks in each block.

To add to the complication, I make two blocks at the one time, due to the Half Square triangles and the method I used to make the flying geese.  So the maths needed was difficult.  And as previously discussed, my brain is slowly turning to mush the longer this quarantining thing goes along.

But here is my end result!

Did you have a good day?  Are you still shut in or are you allowed to be out and about a little more?  We had paid to go to an AFL game before this all happened, they refunded our money the other day.  There will be no crowds at any AFL games for a long time coming, I don't think.  I wonder how that will effect everything.

Till tomorrow!

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