Saturday 9 March 2019

Popping in to say hi....

Guess where I've been?

On retreat!

Admittedly only for the day, and the rest of then were there for the whole long weekend, but it's a start!  And I got lots of sewing done!  

I don't have any photos of that yet but I haven't been idle!  

A few weeks ago I made a choice to go to my mother's house and learn how to use her long arm.  God forbid something happen to her, but I should know how to use it, shouldn't I?  That's our logic.

I dug out an old flimsy (I only have a couple *cough*) and after a devil of a long time 'loading it up', I got going.

And I did okay really.  It took about four hours from start to finish which was quite long, I think considering the size of the quilt.  But I'm hoping I'll get quicker as I get better.

I did this one a week ago - I did okay...ish...but I must admit I need some work on my inner curves.

The most recent one I did this week, I chose a panel from the cupboard (I found a whole bag I'd not even known was in there filled with panels!) and a different pantograph and armed with my notes and the videos I'd taken I was more of less left to my own devices.

And you'll be pleased to know I did much better and my curves worked well too!

Not too shabby really.  

This one only took me two hours this time, it was much quicker.  I'd still like to get my 'loading' time down, that's the part that takes so long.  But I shall get there!

That's my update.  I'll hopefully pop back in to show you some actual piecing I have done, but until then, happy sewing!

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