Friday 22 March 2019

Another Flimsy - or what you can do with 'cheap' fabrics

I seem to be in a routine of posting once a week.  I do aim for more but as with the rest of the universe, time slips away...

I have been UFO'ing!

Some time ago last year I brought some fabric from Aldi.  It was cheap, as in not expensive but it feels lovely.  Nice and sturdy, and so I put it in my trolley and came home. 

(I am still on my non buying challenge and despite feeling a little jumpy around a craft shop, I'm doing well!).

I made a whole other quilt with this fabric that I will show you soon, but with the remaining squares (I cut too many - I always do) I made this:

I broke my 'don't machine applique' rule and machine appliqued it, and it looks very nice!

I'm off to Mum's house to use her long arm again (always learning, always learning!) and when that's done I shall bind it and call it finished!  I'll show you those photos soon!