Saturday 3 June 2017

Another flimsy bites the dust!

It’s been a long time since I have sat at night and stitched button hole applique.  I’ve been getting into the very bad habit of surfing the internet on my ipad which really sucks up any free time I have.  I’m trying hard now to not sit down with it, to pick up a needle instead. 

And I’ve not been stitching applique much because I had been working hard on the Lucy Boston quilt our group is making, but I’m assured it’s very nearly finished now.  Will post photos as soon as I have them, it’s looking spectacular.

I did have a clean up of some random bags and found the very cute owls that I’ve mentioned before, they were so close to finishing it only took me a couple of days/nights.  And buttonhole applique is so quick!  I must admit, I’m quite fond of them.

Photo 1-6-17, 1 00 07 pm

Photo 1-6-17, 1 00 30 pm

Photo 1-6-17, 1 00 38 pm

Photo 1-6-17, 1 00 44 pm

Photo 1-6-17, 1 00 49 pm (1)

Photo 1-6-17, 12 59 47 pm

And the new phone takes such lovely photos too!  Makes life so much easier.

So another flimsy bites the dust.  I’m actually going to quilt this one – just have to get some wadding.  I don’t keep wadding on hand and might actually have to buy some!  Shock, horror!

This fabric is mostly the cheap chinese stuff I got on Ebay (don’t buy it don’t buy it) and it creases like a you know what.  Hopefully if I quilt it properly it’ll minimise it.

That’s it for today!  Hope you’re all set for a lovely, quilty weekend!


  1. Cute quilt top, those owls are just adorable.

    1. I know, right??!! I do love them, and I love the colours. I just wish someone would put out a range of the old style prints like this (that isn't cheap and nasty). I miss them!

  2. Adore this quilt. It just makes me smile!

  3. The owls are lovely, I really enjoy this quilt! I agree that there should be someone to create a line with the cute little prints.

    1. Thankyou! There may well be someone who is doing it but if I go looking, I'll go buying and that is a BAD thing !

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