Wednesday 31 May 2017

more monsters

I spent a large amount of my afternoon ironing on shapes for the latest monster appliques I plan on doing.  I trace all my vliesofix shapes in one go, and put each group of appliques in a folder with the picture that I used.  When I’m done tracing, I iron the bits on and they go back onto the folder in their individual space.  I’ve learned from past experience that it’s the best way to avoid mixing up my bits and pieces.  And I can stop and start much easier without being totally confused as to where I’m up to.

So here’s the latest:

Photo 30-5-17, 7 40 05 pm

Photo 30-5-17, 7 40 14 pm

Photo 30-5-17, 7 40 22 pm

Photo 30-5-17, 7 40 28 pm

Photo 30-5-17, 7 40 37 pm

Photo 30-5-17, 7 40 43 pm

Photo 30-5-17, 7 40 49 pm

Photo 30-5-17, 7 40 57 pm

Photo 30-5-17, 7 41 09 pm

Photo 30-5-17, 7 41 15 pm

Photo 30-5-17, 8 41 48 pm

Photo 30-5-17, 9 15 53 pm (1)

I had made lots of these prepped appliques.  They are ideal to grab when you have nothing in your brain to do.  I quite often get paralysed by the UFO list and struggle to pick a project to finish.  Does that happen to you?

The last lot of monsters were given to my mother to applique during a time when she had nothing much prepped for herself.  This current lot has travelled to Adelaide to help a friend who is supporting her husband through radiotherapy/chemotherapy.  There’s nothing like handwork to calm the brain in those sort of times.

So that’s where I’m up to.  Hope you’re all enjoying your stitching time!


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  2. Are there patterns available for the monster blocks?