Monday, 16 January 2017

So much for daily writing

Good thing I didn’t promise to write daily, because I’ve bombed out on that one!

School holidays are always a flexible, juggly time.  Now that we have Christmas out of the way, we are firmly into playdates here and away, and messes being made everywhere (I try very hard not to call them messes to the kids, but they are Messes with a capital M!)  They are playing together so lovely though, I don’t want to make them clean up their Creative Endeavours (messes) too often, so I just grin and bear it.  Or try to.

I’ve been feeling rather flat lately, which is more than likely a reaction to the rush of Christmas and then the ‘I don’t have to be anywhere today’ wind down that goes with it, plus the heat is AWFUL.  I’m turning into such an English Rose lately.

As I was feeling flat, and the children have been nagging me to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix with them, I took the opportunity to sit and finish my first UFO for the year. 





Obviously it’s decidedly NOT quilting.  I’ve made a few of these afghans, this is by far not my best.  Each square is a different size, and although I’m not an expert crocheter by any stretch, I do think that my problem was yarn, not tension.  I’ve used a literal mixed bag of yarn in this rug, and I think each 8 ply is different.

I’ve stitched it together though and crocheted around the outside, so I’ll call it done.  I will block it another day but for now it’s quite happy on the spare bed.  I do see some stray threads I must weave in too.  Funny how you think you’ve got them all and then out of the blue they appear!

I must apologise again for the not replying to your comments.  I have yet to fix the computer problem (or organise for someone else to fix it) and so I am limping along on half speed with only half the things working.  Comments obviously aren’t working right now.

Gotta love technology.

Happy crafting!

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