Saturday, 7 January 2017

Fold And Stitch Wreath

We sweltered through another hot day today – it was so hot they were greeting visitors at the airport, handing out bottled water and information sheets on how to survive the heat.  I can’t imagine how it must feel to fly from the Northern Hemisphere to here, from one extreme to another.

Needless to say we spent most of the day at home inside, under the airconditioning.  The pool is getting quite the work out.

I’ve not really spent much time sewing today – I took the tree and all the trimmings down and now the house looks a little bare.  Perhaps I need to rearrange the quilts on the walls to give the house a bit of a lift.

I’ve also, in the interest of decluttering, been trying to declutter the photos on my computer.  I’ve found so many projects I’ve not shared with you, so I’d love you to indulge me for a while.

This is the Fold and Stitch Wreath I made as a display for our quilting group.  Totally not my colour scheme, and to be honest I think the whole Fold And Stitch Wreath is a bit overdone (or done to death) here now.  One of those things that everyone and his mother made once.


It’s pretty enough but I doubt I’ll have it out anytime soon. 

I hope you had some quilty time today!

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