Friday, 10 June 2016

Lucy Boston block two

I'm forcing myself to sit still and concentrate on my craft for a while.  I have time today to do just that so I've been playing around with my Lucy Boston block.

I'm blogging on my phone which is really hard edit wise so forgive the out of place photos.  I'm trying to work out which arrangement I like the most.

I think I'm going to go for the middle one.  What do you think?

You know, people (technology companies) seem to be determined to steer us away from traditional computers.  Maybe I'm just being an old fart but I really dislike doing anything on a tablet other than surfing and watching tv.  And don't get me started on this phone business.  How anyone can type on them is beyond me.

Bah humbug.  I'm going for block number two.  That's decided.


  1. Good choice (although they all looked good!). Happy stitching :-)

  2. I've been meaning to come back and comment on this post (when I was on my laptop and could really type). No, you're not just an old fart....or maybe you and I both are. I like my tablet because it's easy to sit in my chair at night in front of the TV and surf blogs and look at Pinterest. I can get a post ready to go on my laptop, but whenever I open it up on my tablet to edit I can't even scroll all the way to the bottom of it. I also like my tablet for looking at quilt photos. You can really make the photos larger and get a good look. I think once so many people started getting tablets, blog comments dropped way off. And, I think it's because it's even hard to type on that keyboard. I use my laptop for blogging and some other things where it is just easier to use a mouse. I like your blocks. I had to dig mine out (all 10 of them) from the container in the closet, and I've made one that looks something like yours. I used that stripe in the same place. I don't think I'll make it to the end to do the whole quilt, but I've got several more prepped to sew. I'll cheer you on!!!!