Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Another Flimsy

How many posts do I start with that title?  I think I have too many flimsies!  Is there such a thing?

Anyway, I finished Allietaire.  Finally. 

I’m genuinely happy with my colour choices this time, and the fabrics are all pulled from my civil war box(es), and you wouldn’t have known that I took anything out of any of them.  Heaving, they are.

I spoke last time of the woofy borders, and I’m not sure how to fix that.  But overall, it’s an okay job considering all the bias edges I had to deal with.

And if, when I decide to quilt the thing, I decide I can’t live with the borders being woofy, I can always take them off and restitch them.  After I’ve turned into a super quilter because of my magic wand.

I can hope.

This monster is huge, and I couldn’t even photograph it properly.  I don’t think I’m going to make any large quilts anymore.  What will I do with them all?








So there you go, lovely readers.  You can see the woofiness right down the bottom there.  I’m going to have to redo them, I know it.

How’s your Allietaire going?  Are you finished yet? 


  1. The nice thing about large sized quilts is that they will cover ANY bed. :-) And make amazing fort walls. The downside is that they take FOREVER to quilt simply because there is So. Much. Real. Estate. to cover.

    I have 3 king size flimsies that I have been procrastinating quilting for over 5 years just because I 1) don't want to take a gazillion years to load it and 2) take another gazillion years to quilt it. Ugh. It's a real pity because I really do like 2 of them. The other one could remain a flimsie for the rest of my natural life. :-)

    1. :) I must admit, I'm not that bothered about the non quilting part of it. Mum has a long arm and one of these days I'll learn and I can just get on with it and do it. And we never say a painter can paint too many paintings, do we?

      I rarely do king size these days - the only ones tend to be Bonnie's. Just too big for me to manage, I think.

  2. Woohoo - it looks great! A mammoth finish. You aren't alone with a pile of flimsies!

    1. Thanks, Raewyn! I wonder who would win the most flimsy competition. I'll count them all one day and see!

  3. Hi, what a great finish to that large quilt. And I understand about large quilts and what to do with them...I have them on walls, floors, beds, sofas, even on the ceiling....hehe But I have decided to make smaller quilts now..and I love mini's they can be hard, but are so cute...I have even enjoyed applique on some of them...Good luck with the flimies, I hear you on how many we can collect as we get excited about a new project. I put them into a tote then come summer is when I hand quilt one...

    1. Hi Rosie, thanks for your comment. I've got a triple irish chain with about one block handquilted, sitting in my front room waiting for me to get around to doing it. I do love the look of handquilting but time, time.....time....

  4. Congratulations! My Allietare is waiting for borders. Real Soon Now. I've cleared up some of the stuff that was strewn on every flat surface so now I can measure for the borders. I learned how to measure for borders from Jinny Beyer. Her method is to measure through the center of the quilt and cut two borders that length, easing as needed to fit the border to the edge of the quilt. That way the top is the same length on both sides. Then repeat for the other two borders, measuring through the center of the other direction. Another trick I learned from guild members is gathering along the edge of the quilt to spread extra bulk evenly along the edge.

    1. Hi Barbara, I did exactly that and it still buggered up. It's so disappointing. But I shall persevere!