Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Pastel Economy Block

Some time ago, I showed you a stack of fabric I had brought from some cheap place in China, buying it was more of an experiment than anything else.  It was stupidly cheap in price, and I wanted to see what the quality of their fabric was like.

To be honest, it’s not the best – it’s thin and some of it has a very loose weave and I’m not convinced it’s all cotton as they professed it to be, but the colours were beautiful and with lots of spray starch the fabric behaved.

I had a lot of fun making little economy blocks – and after a weekend stitching I’m happy to show you the finished result:






I had lots of fun making these blocks.  My points went together well and all in all, I’m happy with this little quilt.  I adore the colours – I wish, with all my heart, that Concord were still making those little florals they made thirty years ago.  I miss them. 

(I must have picked the only photo where the points don’t line up as they should – mostly they were good enough for me!.  This is not the fabric you want to unpick though).

Goodness only knows how the fabric will stand up to a few washes, but such is life.  I had fun.

Happy quilting!


  1. So pretty! Looks like a vintage quilt.

    1. Thankyou! That's the look I was going for. I'm really pleased with it.

  2. A beauty,careful with washing!

  3. Such pretty fabrics. I do hope that the fabrics hold out after washing. It would be such a shame if they didn't.

    1. Hi Dasha, I'm optimistic! I don't wash my quilts much anyway.

  4. Sometimes you just do not wash the quilt. Maybe it is just to look at or a wall hangind.