Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Blanket is Done and DUSTED

And on her bed, and she’s sleeping under it.  Which is a good thing because the weather has turned from a lovely spring, short sleeves kind of week to a put the heater on, it’s freezing kind of week.
She’s told me it’s very lovely and she likes it very much on her bed, and thank you very much Mum.  I will say one thing for my children, I did raise them polite (mostly).
Not the best of photos there, I did try hard to take a picture that made it look like it was straight.  It is a straight blanket, I promise.
I had a very limited amount of wool left, and I am not a very good guesser when it comes to how much I use in a particular step of the process.  Consequently I went ‘round the blanket too many times and I had to unpick a few rows so I could finish the border.  Which curls dreadfully but I think a good blocking will help with that.

She’s ten, and I’m waiting for the day when she decides she doesn’t like pastels any more. That’s going to be an expensive day, I think.  Everything in her room is pastels.

Thankfully she’s still happy to let her mother choose the decor.  Hopefully it won’t change too much in the near future, I do love her room in the colours that I’ve used.

How’s your week been? 


  1. so pretty! Question-how did you sew it together. I know whip stitch but you must of changed colors often. I always made my outsides the same because I wasn't sure how to approach different colors