Thursday, 17 September 2015

Mystery Quilt = some questions answered.

Hi everyone,

I've managed to pick possibly my busiest week this year when I posted my first installment of the mystery quilt - isn't it funny how that works out!  So bear with me if I'm a little slow in answering your questions.

Someone asked - should you choose light, medium and dark fabrics?  I'd say no - I'd say pick either light/medium or light/dark.  Light/dark is what I have chosen and it's not a shy quilt (it's strong and bright), so if you're into soft and muted, go for the light/medium.

The one hint I will give you in regards to the design style is 'think tiled cathedral floors'.

Someone asked I would post PDF instructions - I'm most happy to do this but I need to sort out my google doc's page, passwords have been lost and my time is limited today.  But I will most happily email you the PDFs if you send me an email.

Finally, someone was concerned about missing out on the steps - I'd strongly suggest you sign up to the right over there and get your posts delivered via email.  That way you won't miss out at all.  I don't send out masses of posts so I won't clutter up your email with rubbish, and you can always opt out once you've completed your quilt.

Any other questions you may have, please send them through and I'll do my best to answer them.

Happy Quilting!

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