Monday, 10 February 2014

Some new things

Some days I really struggle to be creative and to show you the new stuff I've been making.  Sometimes I have nothing to show you except hemmed jeans, or washed floors.  And who wants to see that?

So I thought I might try something new - a freebie section of links I love.   I know lots of other blogs are doing this but I figure that the internet is a very big place, and even if we do double up with our freebie links, that doesn't matter.  I'm always up for a freebie.   Hopefully I'll be able to share some of my favourite places.
I admit the blog button is not the best - graphics are not my forte.

I thought it would be apt as my very first 'Fabulous Freebie Find' to post a link to a fantastic quilt tutorial called 'Silly Goose Quilt' by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

I regularly lurk on the Missouri Star website.  I really like some of their designs - they seem to find natty ways to use up jelly rolls and the like - this quilt pattern seems like a quickie but a goodie.  And with a name like the Silly Goose Quilt?  Well, I had little choice, did I?!

Hope you like the link - happy quilting!



  1. good morning, I really like the Missouri Star blog too

  2. Thanks, Kathy!

    Hope your day is going fine!

  3. Fabulous tutorial - so easy, and looks terrific. Thanks for posting it.

  4. I, personally, cannot get enough photos of hemmed jeans. Some days I spend the entire day just googling hemmed jeans ;0) great idea for a feature, thank you