Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Leaders and Enders

I’ve long been a fan of Bonnie Hunter at – I know many of you are.  I love her style of quilts, the fact that her designs aren’t just scrappy – there is a logical flow to them that really appeals to me. 

She’s a big fan of leaders and enders (click here for a decent explanation of what they are if you are unfamiliar) and I’ve been trying hard to fall into line with her way of thinking.  Part of the problem with me and Leaders and Enders is that rather than just using them as their original purpose, I end up working like a bull at a gate on the particular project that I have in mind for them, rather than the one I’m supposed to be working on.

Which is what has happened in the last couple of days.


These are my four patches and my half square triangles from a box of pastel scraps I’m trying to empty.  I’m supposed to only be using them as the pieces in between the current chain piecing project, but of course, as you can see – I’ve been assembling things. 


I just love the pretty pastels.  I’ve been working so long on the reproduction quilts I have that I’ve missed the smiley, happy faces of the pastels.


I have to cut 600 half square triangles and 300 four patches to make a quilt about 90 inches wide.  I’ve been cutting for days and I haven’t yet got to the bottom of the pastel box, and it’s only one of so many other boxes in my sewing room.


I’ve so many, many boxes of fabric in my little room.  I’m drowning in fabric.  And I haven’t brought any for months!

I am enjoying the colours of this one very much. 

How’s your quilting day been?

Till tomorrow,



  1. If there is anything to say about Bonnies system...its she can make a quilt out of almost nothing but a bit of scrap. There are hours and hours on end of cutting though! LOL! I love the feeling of making something from nothing, so it's perfect for me! This is going to be gorgeous when your done!

  2. Thankyou so much!

    I'm tossing up whether I go the whole hog and cut my stash as she does, but I think I'd do it in strips and leave them like that, rather than individual bricks, and squares. I think it would work better for me.

    The other problem (my problem, not Bonnie) is that I'm not as accurate as her. I like to trim down, so my strips need to be that bit bigger.

    As I say, I'm working on it in my head right now :)

    Thanks again for posting

  3. haha! I started using leaders and enders this weekend and found myself adding the leader and ender blocks in the middle of chain piecing for a quilt, rather than at the end, just to get the blocks done quicker!

    1. :) That's the problem, isn't it! I don't have the discipline to just do them as I need to. I end up doing them instead of the quilt I was making and then I just get into a tizzy!