Friday, 28 February 2014

Fancy Schmancy Lap Top

So as part of my Christmas present to myself, I brought myself a fancy schmancy laptop.  This one is for me.  No one get their mitts on it but me.  It is one of the few rules I’ve enforced lately.

I’ve spent the best part of a week sorting the *&%&* thing out, but I think finally I may be ready to start using it!  Yay me!  This laptop is a ‘quilting only’ one, and will reside in my sewing room.  Sticky little fingers have no access to it.

I’ve uploaded a new facebook profile in the name of Silly Goose Quilts, plus pinterest, twitter and instagram.  I am now totally wired for sound as far as this blog goes.  My first facebook ‘like’ was Bonnie Hunter’s new Quiltville Friends page – walk, don’t run over to facebook and join that group right now and then be prepared to lose yourself for a few hours in quilt photos.

I’m about to put links on the side for all my ‘social media’ stuff, so please share, like, click – what ever the terms are now – on me.

Tomorrow I shall post quilt photos.  I promise.

Till then, happy quilting!

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