Sunday, 29 December 2013

Nick and Rudy

 It seems appropriate that during this season of 'who has time for sewing?' I can show you a Christmassy wallhanging.

How cute is this?  This is a "Chook Shed" design, they did the most lovely Christmas things.  We churned out sample after sample of these designs.  We would make them as show pieces for the kits we were selling, hang them on the wall, someone would walk in and want to buy the ready made thing.  Of course we'd sell it. I wish we had sold more - I have so many left over in cupboards here.  But once they were sold, we had to make another one.  My dear old Nan was alive then, and we would iron all the bits on, and she'd sit and sew them during the day, and return them to us.  

We had quite the production line happening at our shop, and I do miss that.

Till tomorrow,



  1. I love this sampler !!!! Is very cute !!!!
    God for you !!

  2. Es un panel precioso.
    Feliz año nuevo.
    Un beso