Monday 30 December 2013

Grandmother’s Choice–an update

So ready for some photos?





IMG_1097 (2)
This is about where I am up to with the Grandmother's Choice quilt that was run a year or two ago.  

One of the resolutions I made last year was to finish this quilt.  You can see how that resolution has gone.

But this year, I hope things will be different.  I hope to finish a large amount of quilts.  I hope not to start too many more.  Not until some of the list has been crossed off.  You know that list?  Mine seems to be never ending.

Everyone is at school, or at work this year.  The school bus has been organised.  I don't need to drop everything to run the little people to school and pick them up again.  They've been nagging me to take the bus for years (I don't know why, I hated the bus).  That will give me up to an hour more in my day.  Can you imagine what I can do with one more hour a day?

I hope your Christmas holiday break is going well.  We have our summer holidays at the same time here so school does not return until the first week of February.  Today is scorching hot - too hot even for the pool and everyone is very tired. Tired of being stuck inside.  Tired of hot, savage wind.  Tired of little sisters. Tired of big sisters.

So patience is being tried very much.

But we will survive!

Till tomorrow,


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