Thursday 5 December 2013

Kris Kringle

As part of our quilting guild, we go out once a year for our Christmas dinner.  Every year we have to provide a gift for someone – anyone, it’s pot luck who you receive and hopefully you receive a nice gift back. 

This year’s theme was a Christmas Cracker with a value up to $15.

I actually did something quite radical really.  The dinner is in another week.  Mine has been finished for a month.  I actually GOT SOMETHING DONE IN TIME! **

I decided to make a mug rug, and a small needle/scissor keep.

It was much easier than I envisaged.  I think I’ve been doing massive quilts for so long I forgot the pleasure of doing the little things.

First of all, I made the mug rug.  I appliqued one side with a sweet cup of tea, and pieced a six inch block.


IMG_2325The block is actually square but the dodgy photography makes it skew-wiff.

I stitched the two together after appliqueing the cup and saucer


Then I quilted it a little, whacked a binding on it, and bob’s your uncle.  From start to finish it took me about probably two hours.  I adore the colours, don’t you?  I was going to do the whole Christmassy fabric thing but we only have those fabrics out for such a long time, I decided to give that a miss.

And the end result looks very nice, yes?




After the success of that little venture, I made a small scissor/needle-keep.

That was easy peasy also.  I pieced a whole stack of 1.5” squares together in the same fabric line that I made the mug rug out of.  I made them about the size I thought would work, and then quilted it all together using a nice backing fabric and a remnant of wadding.


I trimmed it all back to size and then bound it much as you would any little quilt.


I included a pocket that ran along the bottom of it, simply stitched in place.  Then a layer of wadding as my needlekeeper, and it was done!




Folded in half it measures about five inches x four inches. 

Once I had made those little lovelies, I needed to fit them into some sort of Christmas cracker.  I didn’t have a clue how to do this, and then I had a flash of brilliance.


The inside of a Pringles packet was the perfect size for my cracker. 


I collected my supplies and had a go.  A little pink ribbon and a very sweet pink teatowel as the outer casing was all I needed.


It couldn’t have been easier.  I just put my needlekeep and mug rug inside the Pringles packet, lay it in the middle of the teatowel and just rolled it up.  All I needed to do was tie the ends with a matching ribbon.


And it is done!  A lovely, not rushed, Christmas gift for one of my quilting friends.


I really hope she likes it.

Till tomorrow,


**longtime readers will recognise this is not a normal behavioural pattern for me.


  1. That is not normal behaviour for most of us, but well done for doing it just this once.

  2. Te ha quedado precioso. Seguro que a quien le toque se va a poner muy contenta.
    He de decirte que he estado un mes en Australia,(yo vivo en Spain) visitando a mi hija que vive alli, cerca de Perth y me ha encantado tu pais, lo he pasado maravillosamente.
    Un beso muy fuerte.