Saturday, 25 May 2013

Grandmother’s Choice 37 & 38

So I’m so far behind on these blocks it isn’t funny, but I did manage to make two today!

Yay me!

Week 37

Could not be an easier block.  Other people were much cleverer by putting little blocks inside their centre block, but not me.  This is what our homework was, so this is what I made.  It’s week 37, by the way.

Week 38.

Shushhhh….. just between you and me I actually am quite proud of this one.  This is week 38.  I just by chance happened to get Judie Rothermal’s latest range in the post and it was filled with reds and greens.  Serendipity.

I think I’ve made seventeen blocks.  I am so far behind.

Till tomorrow,


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