Saturday, 18 February 2012

Where does the time go?

I’m so glad you liked my little stitchery.  I hope that the diagrams come out clear enough.  But remember, it’s your work so if it varies a little to mine, it doesn’t matter one bit.  My long term plan is to get a graphics programme to do it properly, and not just have my hand drawn diagrams for you.  Long term though.

So.  This has not been a week for quilting.  This week started with a crack in the I-pad glass (the second I-pad we’ve had in six months, needless to say the children are NO. LONGER. INVITED. to play the I-pad anymore!) and culminated in an old man backing into my car at the local shop.  Throw into that a three year old that has decided she is simply too old for an afternoon sleep and you may surmise that it’s all gone to pot here.

This has not been the best week in our house.

But – the old man was deeply distressed by the accident and shaken by it and highly apologetic, and it doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of things and no one was hurt and one day we’ll all get old too.  And the three year old is nearly four, and she starts all day kindy soon (cartwheels!  fireworks!  happy, happy mummy!!) and I shall finally have a little tiny bit of time to myself! 

As I have nothing new that I have created, I thought I’d show you a few more of my finished works.








All except the final one are someone else’s design that I did a long time ago.  The final one is all mine so if you’re keen, I might load that one next as my next freebie. 

Let me know if you like it enough for me to do it.

So that’s it.  Very boring post today.  Have a fabulous weekend!


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  1. I really love the poem and would like to make one for my daughter. So please make it your next freebie.