Monday 27 February 2012

The Bucket List

I was reading a very interesting blog the other day and she had a list on the side of her page, listing her ‘bucket list’ of quilts she wants to do.  She called it a much more dignified name, but bucket list seems to sum it up for me.

I began wondering about my bucket list.  What would be on it?  Would I be able to do it all, skill-wise?

I haven’t written it down yet, as it seemed a little hard.  I’m going to, I think it’s a good way to focus my attention on a set number of things.

But this one is definitely one of those on the list.


(taken from Amish Country Lanes – one of my must go places when I’m needing some inspiration).

Because I had nothing started that I could go on with (insert small eye roll here), when I had some time to myself on the weekend I pieced together this:

100_1643 (2)

It’s called Faceted Jewels, and I’m proud to say that I jiggered it all up on my trusty EQ6.

The colours are a little washed out but it came together pretty well.  Now just a few more to make and it’ll be done.  Shouldn’t take too long! (insert eye roll here).  The only vaguely tricky block is the triangle with the off centre side triangles – cutting them out is by way of template and that always slows things down.  But I’m happy with it. 

One of the things about creativity is sometimes you just have to go with it.  The sewing room may not be clean, the chores may not be done but when the urge strikes, it must be obeyed.  This is the aftermath of my afternoon of sewing;

100_1630 (3)

100_1628 (2)

100_1629 (2)

Pretty impressive really.  Big hot mess!  It doesn’t look like that now because I gave it a jolly good clean out last night.  One thing I always seem to do is to totally cover my cutting mat, which is a large one, with crap I don’t need.  So I end up using this teensy tiny area.  I may as well just save my money and buy a small one for all the extra mat I end up using!

I’m sitting inside right now on the trusty laptop listening to the rain fill my rain water tank.  Yesterday it was 42 degrees (that’s Celsius, ladies, not Fahrenheit!) and far too hot to even think so the rain is a very welcome change.

Till tomorrow,



  1. Wow! It's gorgeous. Love the 30's prints.

    42 is way too hot. Guess I can't complain about the mild summer in Canberra.

  2. it is the beginning of what is certain to be one gorgeous quilt!

  3. Wonderful design and I love the colors you picked.

  4. That is absolutely beautiful! And I usually don't like pastel anything but boy this one is fantastic.

  5. My sewing room looks just like that. Should it look any different?
    The quilt is beautiful. I like the pattern.

  6. Thankyou all for your lovely comments!

    I kinda think it's a little bit lovely too.

    I'm just off to do my make another one!


  7. I think all our mats are full of "stuff". I know I always have to move my laptop, magazines, stuff I need to put away before I can do any major cutting. I keep a list of quilts I have kits or fabric and patterns for on my side bar too - I know I won't get them done each year but it does help me keep track of them.