Friday 3 February 2012

Head down bum up

My little people have been back at school this week and despite all my promises to myself that I would get my life together, I'm flailing a little.  It didn't help that I left yesterday's instalment of Bountiful Bouquet until the last minute, normally I'm a little more organised than that.

But it's done now, and I'm listening to the washing machine whirr away (it's the noisiest damn thing on the planet, the dishes are at least in the sink, and the beds are made.  So far so good.

I've been tinkering (again) and added a translate button to the top of the webpage so that you girls who need it can use it.  I've cleaned out the side bar thingies and got rid of a few.  But hopefully in the next week or so I'll add a few new ones.

I discovered the other day that a woman is taking over our old shop site (to refresh your memory - I used to own a quilt shop but closed it, sadly in 2009) and will be opening her own in the next few weeks.  I'm so conflicted about this.  I'm so happy that we will once again have a shop that supports our local quilters, because I really did feel badly about letting them down when we left.  But so much of me wishes that it was me who was opening it.  She seems a very nice lady, and I know she will do very well.  But I feel - kinda wistful I guess.

I couldn't keep going with the shop - two kids, an aging mother (who will kill me for saying that), life just got too hard to keep up with and something had to go.  Each time we got sick, we got REALLY sick and it just wasn't something we could carry on with.  I've missed it every day since then but I know deep down that I had made the right decision for my family.  And sometimes (often, if I admit) we need to make the decisions for the greater good of our family.  So what we did was right.

I miss it though. 

Anyway.  Wistful old me is off to hang another load of washing on the line.  Never Ending God Awful Washing Washing Washing.


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  1. I understand that feeling because I felt it, and still do, when I closed my machine quilting business after ten years. You just can't fit one of those in a fifth wheel, though. At least not the model we bought!