Saturday, 17 December 2011

A quick update

I don't have much in the way to talk to you about, but I thought you might like to see the latest hexagons I've been piecing.

They may look enormous, but they are less than an inch across the width of each individual hexagon, and less than three inches wide altogether.

I found a packet of hexagon papers left over from my shop days, and have had a lovely time basting them onto some hexagons I cut from the Go cutter.  I'm thinking of sashing them with white in between, but as I only have three finished flowers for now, that step may wait a while.

That's all for now, hope your weekend goes well and I'll talk to you soon!



  1. Thankyou! I do love doing them, hexagons were the very first quilting project I ever did, many many years ago.

  2. Little things always seem to look really wonderful. I'm playing with inch squares - not anything to see yet apart from lots of them, LOL. Enjoy playing with your hexies.

  3. Thank you! I figure I'll just plod along doing some in my 'down time' and see how many I can get done...I like having a portable project and hexes are very portable!!

  4. love the little Gramma's flowers!