Thursday 15 December 2011


Christmas shopping done?  Check!

House vaguely presentable for children's playdate this after noon?  Check!

Washing on the line?  Check!

Tree up, decorations on?  Check!

Sewing all finished, bound, tidied away?  Oh, I seriously doubt it.

Have not even set foot near the sewing room to even tidy it up, let alone get stuck into a little sewing.  But I'm feeling in control of stuff right now, so bring on Christmas!

I'll leave you with a picture or two of some Christmas related sewing that I managed to do this year - I appliqued some lovely checked teatowels with Nancy Halvorsen designs.  Do you think I know where they are now?  Not a clue.

The last one is a Chook Shed design, for those of you familiar with the Australian designers. 

I make all this stuff for Christmas throughout the year, then put it away 'somewhere safe' and then either forget the darn stuff exists, or I lose it. 

But through the power of the internet and digital photography, you can see it!  Hooray!

Speaking of digital photography, I've decided to treat myself to a proper digital camera.  Not a point and click one, but one with a big lens that will take really delicious, light photos.   I'm thinking of getting a Nikon D3100.  Does anyone have a recommendation? 

Must choof off now, will hopefully post tomorrow. 

Happy Quilting!



  1. Cute teatowels - minor problem not being able to find them!

  2. :) oh well, it'll be a nice surprise when they do turn up!

  3. Could be a a nice "virtual gift" if you don't find them in time! I'm so disorganized right now that I thought I lost 2 library books I took out a couple of weeks ago. Looked in every room, between all my books, behind couches, EVERYWHERE! Then I realized I still had them in the trunk of my car LOL!

  4. Oh Corina - least it wasn't a bag of fruit or something :)

  5. I just love those "safe" places - I have many and often get a lovely surprise when I'm NOT looking for something!

  6. Totally! It backfires for me - I buy magazines, then put them away for when I have a spare five minutes, then buy the same ones two weeks later without even opening the original ones.

    I'll be posting in a few days about my new years resolutions - being more organised is most certainly one of them :)

  7. oh, I did that with a CD or two, and it was a total shock when I went to put it in the rack and there was already one there waiting to be slotted in. I gifted the second one. ;)

    I know what you mean about the "someplace safe" - we moved this year and I've been buying gifts for months. I totally misplaced a t-shirt I had custom printed for my daughter! Thankfully I found it, but not before tearing apart every drawer in my guest/sewing room. I think I'm going to have to just dedicate a drawer to "safe spot" and only put things there.

    Yeah, like that'll work. ;)