Saturday, 10 December 2011

It's not Saturday again, is it?!

I must admit, I got a bit of a shock when I realised it had been a week since I made my last blog post.

I'm struggling a little here - being two weeks out from Christmas, with school holidays about to start, and concerts and parties and drinks events to go to,  I'm just not sure I can be stretched in as many ways as I am expected to be.  The sad/funny/ironic thing is that we deliberately turned down at least half of our invitations this Christmas season.  It's just all too much and I feel that we're losing the whole point of family time.  It's something I struggle with.  My husband's job requires a fair amount of 'schmoozing', and this time of year is renowned for that.  I'm not sure what the answer is. 

Consequently I have two very tired little people who are ever so slightly turning into the 'I need sleep and I'm fighting it' monsters.  And a husband who is all partied out.

But - enough whinging!  You'll be pleased to know I've been somewhat productive with my spare three minutes a day.

I like to do different crafts at different times.  While DD is having her (infrequently now) afternoon nap, I like to sit and do hand work while I watch a movie or something I've taped.  So, I've knitted this:

Please forgive the unvaccummed carpet.

It's not for us - no more babies for us.  But I love knitting and I love that I can knit a matinee jacket in a couple of days, and practice all my knitting skills on something that doesn't weigh too much and doesn't take up much space in the cupboard.  And the good thing about babies, is they are always being born, and I always have a little gift to give to any new mums.

I've finished all my blue string blocks for Bonnie's quilt, haven't even come close to starting my black/white half square triangles, and have little or no chance to get any of the red string blocks done this side of Christmas.  I sewed all those blue strings using normal stitch length, and now when I try and take the paper out, it stresses my stitched seams so I have to go very slowly.  Not enjoying it much.  Not really loving this whole mystery, I must admit - no disrespect to Bonnie.  Perhaps I shouldn't have taken it on, this close to Christmas.  I'm nearly all stringed out. 

This box has not had the lid off for a week.  I only took the lid off so I could take a photo.  The lid is back on.  I'm kidding myself if I think I'll get to that any time soon.

I've also been hand stitching the hexagons I showed you a little while ago.  I'm on the downside of that - nearly three quarters of them are stitched together and whilst every single one is a different size, I find that with a little bit of stitching and pulling and stitching and holding my breath, I can make them fit.  As long as there are no quilt police nearby, I'll be okay.

Surprisingly, I really, really like it.  I wasn't expecting to quite so much.

So that's my Saturday roundup.  What's new in your world? 

Talk to you soon,



  1. Awwww Suzie, it sounds like (((you))) need a hug. I can sure feel the stress you seem to be in at this time of year. I can't help with most of your stress but I might have a small tip that could help with taking the paper off. I've found that if I give the paper a sharp fold along the seam line then carefully hold both sides of the paper at the beginning of the seam and gently start the tear....then the rest of the seam will tear easier and not damage the threads as much. And remember what Bonnie said? This is not a race so take a good deep breath and one small step and before you know it you'll be ready for the next step.
    I hope this helps and that you have a Blessed Christmas.

  2. Your hexie quilt is coming along beautifully .... is there batting inside each hexagon?

  3. Thank you Lynn for your lovely comments - I didn't mean for my post to come across as quite so whiny...I have a lovely life and I'm very, very blessed - all I want is just a little more T.I.M.E. :)

    I've managed to pull out some of my papers by running a pin along the paper at the seam, that seems to work. But it's slow going. Good sitting-in-front-of-the-television work.

    And thankyou, Rose Marie - yes, the hexagons are filled with batting. They are quilt as you go ones. I'm just about to write a post with some links to show you where to get a tutorial, so feel free to go there to have a look.

    Thanks again, ladies :)


  4. Suzie, I know how you feel, between trying to fit in school concerts, drama shows, birthdays, christmas shopping, ferrying my Dad to and from the senior citizen events, visiting Santa, trying to get the house clean so that I can put the decorations up (hopefully tonight) and working full time I need a 48 hour day.
    Love the hexagons.