Wednesday 14 September 2011

A quickie

Yeah, I know I've been missing in action but life has just spiralled into crazytown right at the moment.  I have about four minutes to do about two weeks worth of work and a tonne of commitments for our quilting group.  One of which is to participate in a pin cushion swap for Christmas. 

It has to be finished today (as in September) even though Christmas is actually still four months away.  None the less it is now finished apart from the stuffing and sewing shut which is saying a lot for me.  If it was due at Christmas, you can bet your bottom dollar I'd be stitching it shut at midnight on Christmas Eve.

You like?

I like.  It's about four inches and in my diving thirties prints.  It's supposed to have twelve arcs, but my maths/piecing skills are totally crap because I had to put a whole new wedge in it to make it fit.  So it's got thirteen.  But I like it.

I had my nails done yesterday (I don't have long nails as a rule) and now I have spectacular falsies.  They look soooo pretty but by gum, they sure make typing hard!

Till tomorrow


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