Friday 2 September 2011

Fifty Posts!

It's a little weird to me that I have posted fifty whole posts!  I'm not much of a stick-to-it type of girl, and I'm pretty proud of myself that I've stuck to this enough to last for fifty posts.

Now whether it's fifty posts worth reading is another matter!

I don't have any pictures today.  But....I have ADSL!  After three years of paying for very expensive wireless broadband because our brand new house is in too old a street (??) we now can join the land of the living with enough download to last me forever.  So hopefully I will be able to be a bit more prolific with the photo side of thing.

I'm struggling taking decent photos to show you, I must admit.  Doing this blog was all part of me wanting to learn the computer a little more, to get better at things that I can do, but not very well.  Photographing blog worthy stuff is one of those things. 

I've been making half square triangles for most of my week.  I've been working on another scrap quilt, just because.  And it's all half square triangles, big and small.  I'm just about over half square triangles. 

Most of my fabric for the Bountiful Bouquet Block of the month has arrived, though of course the most important one  - the background fabric is still to come.  Hopefully it'll be in my hot little hands after I got to the post office (no delivery from the mail man here, we're old fashioned in my part of the woods) and I can get a start on that over the weekend. 

So until tomorrow


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  1. Congrats on fifty posts! Re photos - I tend to look at how other people take them and how they display their wares for photos and learn from that. All in all, people are pretty supportive not to demanding in blogland I think