Sunday 18 September 2011

Bountiful Bouquet Free BOM Fabric Requirements

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Hello!  Nice to see you!  I hope you enjoy this block of the month.  It should be a fairly easy going quilt - I'm not one for over extending myself.

The most important length of fabric you will need is for the outer border, from which we will cut four lengths and put them aside.  The remainder of this fabric will be absorbed into the quilt.  And you will also need three separate lengths of backgrounds for three separate appliqued borders.  Everything else can be used from your scrap bag, or if you want to buy some, just get enough different fat quarters to give you lots of variation in your designs.  You will need lots of lovely greens for the stems, and suitable colours for the floral applique, of which there will be HEAPS.  You will also need a varied amount of creams for the assorted pieced borders. 

So, don't panic about collecting your fabric all in one go.  Our first month is a row of floral applique, so as long as you have a background piece and plenty of colours/greens, we can get started.

Fabric Requirements

*****please note I have amended the cream background requirements*****

2 yards cream fabric for outer border
.5 yard cream fabric for first appliqued row
.5 yard cream fabric for second appliqued row
2 or three fat quarters of assorted creams for applique
.5 yard fabric for first inner border (I have used plummy purple)
.75 yard fabric for binding (I have used a purple)
Assorted colours for piecing and applique
Assorted greens for piecing and applique
Assorted creams for backgrounds

Vliesofix (I'm doing buttonhole applique, but if you want to needleturn it, knock yourself out)
Embroidery threads to match your colours for applique
General quilting supplies (ruler, cutter, board, scissors etc)

And that's it.  I'm sure I've forgotten something but I always think it's an okay thing to purchase as you go along.  Unless you're fortunate enough to buy a whole range like I did, it's difficult to pre-decide how that border fabric will look till you do the rest of your quilt. So don't rush into fabric choices, unless of course you want to.

Please comment if you have any questions for me, and I'd be pleased to answer them.  Again, I'm not brilliant at answering my emails, but I do check the comments section heaps so that is your best bet. 

I'll upload the first month in the first week of October, so hopefully I'll have lots of people keen to give this go.

Till then,

Happy quilting!


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  1. I am curious to the first block, your fabrics er very nice.