Monday 25 July 2011

Free Block Of The Month - Introduction

I used to design quilts for a quilt shop, and made this one many years ago:

It was called Bountiful Bouquet, and it utilised fat quarters of Nancy Halvorsen's range, Acorn Hollow.  That fabric range remains to this day as one of my all time favourites.

I designed it to be as a row by row, and by breaking it up into monthly instalments, most of our customers found it to be quite achievable.  It had an outer border which I've cropped out of the picture, because I was never overly happy with it and I don't want to tarnish your image of it. 

This is NOT what we will be making.  I repeat, this is NOT WHAT WE ARE MAKING!  At least, not really.

It's a very nice quilt, but now that I have had years to chew on it, I've decided some of the blocks are a bit...blah.  I want to spice the pieced rows up a little, and therefore, I've decided to rejig my original design.  I think (well, I hope) that I am a better designer now. 

I've decided that I will make another row by row quilt an awful lot like this one (but not quite) and offer it as a free pattern.  I'm going to use the top floral border, and selected other pieced rows through out the original design, but as I haven't made them yet, I don't know what they are going to look like.  But I am going to have a big floral appliqued border around the outside.  I know that for sure.  Because I wish I'd done that from the start.

I was going to start at the beginning of August, but I think for now I will just post the requirements list at that date.  I plan to post instalments once a month, to give you time to complete what you need to.  I envisage most of the months will be easy enough and I wouldn't think it would go much longer than eight or nine months.  The applique will be able to be done by any method you wish, but I always use buttonhole (because I can't needleturn to save myself).

I would love for you to join me on this possibly ridiculous exercise in keeping deadlines, because I think it might be fun!

I warn you though, I'm a beginner in the whole blog thing still, and almost a total dummy in regards to tutorials/instructions so you must promise to be gentle with me!

Until then, happy quilting!



  1. oh, this looks *wonderful*! I've subscribed to your blog so I won't miss a posting. I look forward to working on this project. :-)

    As for tutorials .. don't worry about it. Just do your best. Beginners will ask questions; veterans simply need a block layout. :-)

    Oh boy! A new project! :-)

  2. Suzie, count me in. It will be fun to see everybody's version.

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern ... :) Pat